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Roof & Exterior & Windows

Here is a detailed listing of all of the major components of the roof of the Pod


EvoDis Lightning Prevention (UPGRADE)

In order to prevent lightning damage on your Pod we highly recommend lightning protection. This upgrade must be added at time of purchase. We are using an EvoDis Unit to prevent lighting strikes. You can learn more about this system here.

SeaPod EvoDis.jpg



What is AIS? Read here. We recommend this upgrade for all marine based Pods. By default the Ocean Builders app will show you the position of other AIS equipped vessels (integration expected in 2022) but your position will not be known by the AIS system unless you have a transmitter. Model recommendation



Antenna here. Cable here.


Signal Light

There is a signal light which activates at night automatically on your marine based Pod so that you are visible to other vessels in the area. Model recommendation


Maritime Flagging Service (UPGRADE)

We recommend all marine based Pods are flagged. In Panama we recommend your Pod is flagged as a houseboat with the Panama Marina Authority. We can help with this as we are going through this process.

Weather Station (UPGRADE)

We are using an all in one weather station which integrates directly into the SeaPod mobile app. You can get details here. This upgrade must be added at time of purchase.



The roof top of the SeaPod will have a circular cap in the center above the shower which is by default made of fiberglass which acts as a hatch to access the roof. The cap will have a manual lock on the inside.


Pod Sunroof Cap (UPGRADE)

You can replace the standard cap with a transparent sunroof / skylight which can be opened to access the roof. This upgrade must be added at time of purchase.

Skylight dome 5.pngSkylight dome 6 [orthographic].pngSkylight dome 3.pngSkylight dome 4.pngSkylight dome 1.pngSkylight dome 2.png


Motorized Pod Sunroof Cap (UPGRADE)

You can have your cap motorized so it opens with a press of a button on the Ocean Builders app or it can be automated to open when you take a shower so you have ventilation. The cap opens straight upwards by 600mm and is connected to 2 connection points. This upgrade must be added at time of purchase. This will give you easier access to the roof. The motorized upgrade includes a remote lock which can be accessed via the Ocean Builders app with integration expected in 2022.


Safety Connectors

The roof of the Pod is curved and it is not the ideal surface to walk on with a 11m drop from the top to the surface of the water or to ground level. We recommend using safety equipment if you want to walk on the roof. We will install safety hooks by default which you can connect a safety harness to if you need to use the roof.


360° Fisheye Camera (UPGRADE)

This is an optional upgrade that will allow you to see a 360° view of the roof of your Pod. This upgrade can be added at anytime and is expected to be integrated into the Ocean Builders app in 2022.


Solar Electric Cells (UPGRADE)

We recommend solar electric cells on the roof or on the outer spar for powering your Pod. A minimal amount of solar cells are included on a marine based Pod to operate the drinking water maker (desalination machine). Additional cells can be added which is recommended so you have ample power for your needs.


Solar Thermal Collector (UPGRADE)

We recommend solar thermal collectors on the roof or on the outer spar for making hot water which can be used for hot showers, baths, and hot water in the sinks. 10 m³ of thermal collectors are recommended.


Pod Shell Material

The Pod shell is made from fiberglass with a white gel coat topping. Under the fiberglass is a thick layer of closed cell foam which ranges from 10-30cm or more.

Material Safety Sheets:


Additional Fireproofing

Pods are not highly flammable but we do recommend the addition of Aluminum Trihydrate to the fiberglass of the Pod.

We are consulting with an automatic fire extinguishing system. TBD. Having a higher standard of fire safety may reduce your insurance costs.


Exterior Camera's

There will be 3 pan, tilt & zoom camera's compatible with AI which will be mounted every 120° around the bottom of the shell of the Pod facing at an angle down and out. One of these camera's will be directly over the spar door. These will be used for security camera's as well as potential future series such as Lifeguard AI and Boat AI.



The SeaPod has many large windows. In the Master Bedroom there is a large curved window. There are also 2 curved side windows connecting the bedroom and the kitchen. There is also a curved window in the living room. The kitchen door window is discussed on the Kitchen page. An incredible amount of engineering was needed to make curved windows of this size. The window will have 6mm epoxy + acrylic + 6mm epoxy.image-1615926584175.png





Window Tinting

The window will have a slight Gun Metal Blue tint (shown below) when you are inside looking out. Front the outside looking in it will have a mirrored tint.