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General Information

The kitchen is 15.11m2 in size. Kitchen is shown above. Not all upgrades and features will be available at launch but most upgrades can be added to the Pod after they have been built. Many of the smart home upgrades will be launching in 2022 and will be fully compatible with all models.

There is approximately 184.69 cubic feet (5.23m3) of cabinet storage space.


kitchen floorplan.jpg

Screen Shot 2021-03-10kit.pngScreen Shot 2021-03-10kit2.png




The walls are made of fiberglass with a gel coat finish.



The floor will have a texture to it so it is not slippery. Material details are coming soon...


Counters & Island Material

Liquid Ceramic with a glossy stone feel


Cabinets & Drawers

First Pods will use locally available parts. Suppliers for future kitchen drawer sliders.

Cabinet Lights

Automatic Drawers and Cabinets


Cabinet & Drawer Locks

Dongguan Jufu Locks Co., Ltd. Pop Up Latch Options: One, Two, Three

Roller Catch: One



A high efficiency fridge and gas stove is included.


Kitchen Patio Doors

We are using 2.5m tall polycarb windows with a scratch resistant coating and tint and to reduce UV and thermal heating from the sun. Each flat window panel will be 1m wide and will rotate 90° and fold like an accordion together on a track so that the entire front window can be opened.







Sensors, Switches, Controls, and Motors

There will be multiple sensors, switches, controls, and motors in this room as part of the smart home upgrade. The fire related sensors come standard on all Pods.

  • Flame Detector (standard)
  • Smoke/Gas detector
  • Heat Dectector for fire
  • Humidity
  • Movement sensor
  • Temperature
  • Voice Assistant Mic (Optional with a manual master hardware switch)
  • Camera for security and gesture control
  • NFC Reader
  • Qi Charger for wireless embedded chargers (show locations on a diagram)
  • Pop Up Power Outlet
  • Drinking Water Tank Level Sensor
  • Water Valve Controllers
  • Water temperature sensors
  • Water flow meter
  • Wave to Activate Kitchen Sink
  • Ehternet Connection Cable
Touch Control Panel (Upgrade)

You can use your mobile phone to control the pod or you can use a Touch Control Panel (show locations on a diagram).


Audio (Upgrade)

Optional speakers (show locations on a diagram) can be installed if you want to have an audio system.


HVAC Vents (Upgrade)

Show locations on a diagram You can open the windows for a new breeze through your pod. If you prefer to have an HVAC system there is an upgrade available using Webasto which offers the best marine grade HVAC units available.


Power Outlets
  • North American Standard 110 Volt power outlets (show locations on a diagram)
  • SeaDapter 12 Volt receptables using this adapter.
  • USB-C



Indirect ceiling and floor LED light strips come as standard. They will be dimmable and will have an adjustable white color ranging from bluish-white to yellow-white shades. The locations for the top and bottom LED strips are shown below. There will also be additional LED light strips above the kitchen wall counter.

Kitchen light test_1_459.png



Multicolor LED Lighting (Smart Home Upgrade)

The smart home upgrade package includes individually addressable multicolor LED lights with dedicated white LED light chips that are adjustable for blue tone white light during the day and yellow tone white light for use in the evening. You can Lighting can be controlled via the Ocean Builders app.