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Engineering Analysis

FLOATING STRUCTURE Design / Diseño de estructura flotante

This is the base floating structure of the houseboat design (March 27, 2021 model PDF.STP).

Esta es la estructura flotante base del diseño de la casa flotante (modelo PDF del 27 de marzo de 2021, .STP).




Density of Sea Water Densidad del agua de mar 1,030 kg/m3
Density of Air Densidad del aire 1.1 kg/m3
Volume of Air Volumen de aire 48.78 m3
Density of Steel Densidad de acero 7,850 kg/m3
Volume of Steel Volumen de acero 4.8 m3
Water displaced Agua desplazada 53.58 m3
Mass of Sea water Displaced Masa de agua de mar desplazada 55,187 kg
Mass of Steel Masa de acero 37,680 kg
Mass of Air Masa de Air 53.7 kg
Net Buoyancy (mass) per Spar Net Flotabilidad (masa) por mástil 17,453.7 kg
Total Buoyancy Force Fuerza de flotabilidad total 171,221 kg



Download the full engineering analysis here.


Steel Fabrication:

Steel tubes are up to 1.650 meters diameter in 2 meter sections and up to 6 are welded together to have 12 meter long outriggers. The steel is made of AH32 steel.
We used Electric welding for tacks and small welds. MIG for structural. 
The pipes were assembled with 7018-H4R at 1/8 inch thickness. For the root and fill pass, the pipe was preheated and the FCAW process was applied with E71T-1CM 0.35 dual shiel tubular wire. Shielding gas mixture 75% argon and 25% Co2 was used. The MIG process was used with solid wire ER70S-6 0.35 with a mixture of shielding gas of 75% argon and 25% CO2.

FEA Modeling (Detailed engineering analysis coming soon)





Fatigue Simulation (document coming soon)

Frequency Simulation (document coming soon)

Buckling and Collapse Simulation (document coming soon)

Loads (document coming soon)

Stress Hot Spot Analysis (document coming soon)

Thermal Simulation (document coming soon)

Maximum wind tolerance (document coming soon)



Descargue el análisis de ingeniería completo aqui

Modelado FEA (análisis de ingeniería detallado próximamente)

Simulación de fatiga (el documento estará disponible próximamente)

Simulación de frecuencia (el documento estará disponible próximamente)

Simulación de pandeo y colapso (el documento estará disponible próximamente)

Cargas (documento próximamente)

Stress Hot Spot Analysis (documento próximamente)

Simulación térmica (el documento estará disponible próximamente)

Tolerancia máxima al viento (documento próximamente)