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LED Lighting System

We are using LED lightstrips throughout the house, in the spiral staircase and on the walkway just above water level.

We would like an LED lightstrip with the following characteristics:

1. Dedicated warm LED chip with less than 3000K

2. Dedicated cool white LED chip with 4000K or more

3. RGB chips with vibrant red, blue, and green colors

4. Individually addressable in groups of 1 or 3 or something like that so different lighting effects can be created

5. Good price point since we will have maybe 100+ meters of strips per pod

6. The LED's should not overheat

7. The LEDs at the end of the strip should not lose a noticeable amount of brightness at the end of the strip

8. The strips on the water will need to be IP67 or IP68 or similar level of waterproofness since they will be splashed with saltwater continuously nad possibly submerged for periods of time depending on wave conditions.

9. I don't care what the voltage or the amperage is or if they are AC or DC.

10. The light strips on the walkway over the water may be best to have in a neon type enclosure like these.

11. We would like to be able to easily replace sections of strips that have worn out as electronics on the sea tend to wear out fast.

12. I would prefer something that will last a long time and can be easily replaced if needed.

13. We would like to connect the lights to our app and Home Assistant so that we can easily control them room by room and do advanced lighting effects.

14. The LED's follow a curved path along the walls.

15. IF, we do LED lights in the spiral staircase I was thinking to use something like this which may be up to 5cm wide (and less than one cm thick).

16. We may have power outlets, USB, and other things in the same grove that the LED strips are hidden in along the floor and ceiling. In this case one idea is that we can temporarily highlight the location of the outlets by changing the LED's close to the outlet or USB plug in a different color or flashing LED so you can find them easily.

Video overview of LED project and room by room explanation (7min 2sec video).

Below are images that give you a fairly good overview of LED light strip locations. The actual installation locations may change.