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3D Modular Printing

All-things 3D printing focused on modular style prints.

3D Printed Shower Grip

3D Printed Sink

3D Printed Spiral Stairs


3D printed concrete, using ph-neutral material.


3D printed artificial reefs using ceramic and clay.

Advanced Material Research

Consistent R&D of advanced materials for commercial application.

AirDrop Drone Delivery

Autonomous drone delivery for items like groceries and medicine.

AirWatch Drone Security

Autonomous aerial drones for the security of offshore communities.

Apps Development documentation

Work-in-progress documentation. For more specific documentation related to each of the components that make the app happen plea...

Apps User documentation

AquaLink Offshore Internet

AquaRecycler Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater (black/grey water) management system using incineration and electrocoagulation.

AquaScan Subsea Mapping

Autonomous subsea drone providing sonar and photogrammetric maps, as well as water quality data.

AquaSense Ocean Monitoring

Water quality sensors to gather readings up/down the water column below Pods.

Astro ASV

Autonomous drone for heavy payload transportation and waste collection.

Audio / Video System

[EMPTY BOOK] This is a placeholder book so new content is added in an organized structure.

Automated Drawers