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Main Engineering & Storage Room


General Information

The large engineering & storage room is 7.4 m2. The small engineering & storrage room is 5.8 m2. The green section is the area dedicated to the toilet incinerator equipment. The layout is here PDF. Not all upgrades and features will be available at launch but most upgrades can be added to the Pods after they have been built. Many of the smart home upgrades will be launching in 2022 and will be fully compatible with all models.

This room is where the homes critical systems are located, including:

  • Central computer control center
  • Washer/Dryer machine (not included)
  • Water desalination machine (included)
  • Four Ballast Tanks (depending on model)
  • Manual on/off hardware switches for voice control mic m
  • Manual on/off hardware switches for Wifi
  • Manual on/off hardware switches for Video Camera's
  • We are designing the Pods computer to be Canbus, NMEA, and MQTT compatible. This will allow us to easily integrate off the shelf sensors, marine equipment, HVAC, radar, and many other systems into the Pods. A room-by-room list of planned IoT devices can be found here.



The walls are made of fiberglass with a gel coat finish.



The floor will have a texture to it so it is not slippery. Material details are coming soon...


Sensors, Switches, Controls, and Motors

There will be multiple sensors in this room as part of the smart home upgrade kit. The fire related sensors come standard on all Pods.

  • Flame Detector (standard)
  • Smoke/Gas detector
  • Heat Dectector for fire
  • 9 axis Accelerometer to track & log unusual movement of the pod
  • Humidity
  • Movement sensor
  • Temperature
  • Voice Assistant Mic (Optional with a manual master hardware switch) (Smart Home Upgrade)
  • Camera for security and gesture control
  • Whole Home Audio System (upgrade)
  • Flex Capacity or Dilithium Crystal (yes we are nerds)
  • Incinerator

We can use an off the shelf enclosure (like this or this or from alibaba) or print our own.


Storage Tanks
  • Hot Water Tanks (Two 500 liter). Each tank has dual level sensors and temperature sensors.
  • Freshwater Tank (220 liter). This tank has dual level sensors.
  • Blackwater Tank (100 liter+). This tank has dual level sensors.


Touch Controller (Upgrade)

You can use your mobile phone to control the pod or you can use a Touch Control Panel (show locations on a diagram).


This is the sliding access door to Main Engineering from the living room 6.png
This is inside the storage room at the top of the stairs7.png8.png


This shows the volume of the Main Engineering and small storage areasStorage.png
Lighting Location

We use LED light strips for these rooms.


Storage led strip lenght.png