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Research projects: How do we organize work?

Open Source Contributor's Guide

Since we have research projects in all sorts of study fields, with separate teams working on them, we don't impose any unique workflow in those independent projects. It is up to their teams how to organize the work. However we like to keep all the data organi...


Open Source Contributor's Guide

Ocean Builders is an open organization with contributors from all over the world. Many of our projects are directly related with our main goal of building innovative floating homes. There are however hundreds of other related projects dealing with marine resea...

How to use (and contribute to) this Wiki

Open Source Contributor's Guide

Creating your account First of all you need an account. This can happen in 2 different ways: - A wiki admin created an account for you and provided you with credentials to access the wiki. Nothing to do here but, if you can't edit any pages in the wiki, it i...


Developers: Submit your work!

Open Source Contributor's Guide

As explained in the introduction, we have 2 big areas of work you can help with as a developer: Research projects These projects are not directly integrated into the SeaPod and GreenPod tech ecosystems. In this case the team/developer leading the project wil...

Introduction - Definitions, technologies, components and overall architecture

Apps Development documentation

The Ocean Builder's Pod Companion app is a complex software project that involves several components communicating with each other and it is actually an ecosystem formed by many different technologies, programming languages, code repositories and network proto...

Multiple pod remote access - brainstorming

Apps Development documentation [OUTDATED]

Project Overview This document explores how the admin panel will connect to the multipod from the internet remotely. We will also be including  the current functions of the Admin Panel and associated screens we are using in our first iteration of our Applicat...

Admin Panel Dashboard specifications

Apps Development documentation [OUTDATED]

Overview This document explores how the Frontend of Admin UI panel will be. It specifies the following: Front end framework - e.g. Vue, React, or Platform X. Front end screen definition / functionality using screenshots from previous design work. NOTE ...

Home Assistant Integration

Apps Development documentation Pod Companion app

The Pod Management app is a fork of Home Assistant Companion apps: and Introduction to how we use Home assistant The Home Assistant Companion apps are part of a software ecosyste...

Initial plan for a MultiRoom Audio / video Entertainment System

Audio / Video System

  Master Bedroom     Quantity Description Manufacture number 1 ROKU Streambar 4K / HD / HDR Streaming Device and Premium Audio(Dolby Audio Certified), All in One 4 speakers and bass/ support Ethernet 9102MX 1 TRENDnet USB 2...

Initial plans for Solar Power & Storage System


PLAN A Quantity Description 12 450W Monocrystalline Grade A Solar Panel, IP67 (12 year Warranty) 2 Anodized Aluminum Rack for 4 Solar Panels, high resistance to corrosion and wind (10 year Warranty) 8 35mm end clip for mounting sola...

Projector system

Audio / Video System

Electrical system

Electrical & Wiring

SSH Tunnel add-on. Registering new pods with the admin web server

Apps Development documentation [OUTDATED]

This add-on will use SSH to make your local Home Assistant setup available through a remote system. This add-on is only useful to those with access to a publicly available SSH server and some administrative privileges on that system. Use SSH to make ports of ...

Receiving data from each pod server

Apps Development documentation Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard is a React app that 

Technical background. Production and Staging environments.

Apps Development documentation Admin Dashboard

The Admin dashboard is a React app that is being served from an Amazon S3 bucket. It realies heavily on AWS Amplify Library for communicating with all the other AWS services. For our development proccess we target completely independent Production and Staging...


Apps Development documentation Backend

Custom UI elements

Apps Development documentation Pod Companion app

Prefab Floating Structure

Plug In Platforms

Main Deliverables of this Project

3D Printed Spiral Stairs

Project Development and Results

3D Printed Spiral Stairs