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[Smart Contracts] Preliminary Research and Documentation

The following research and documentation is meant to get this project started. Please consider this a work in progress. Significant work is needed to move this project forward.

Software Specifications

A detailed specifications document needs to be developed by the team. The software application must include the following modules:

  • Contract module - for admins to enter requirments
  • Admin module - for admins to manage all admin operations 
  • Vendor module - for vendors to list their goods and services
  • User module - for regular users who want to use the vendor services
  • AI, ML module - to apply ML to available vendors and award contracts
  • Finance module - to manage payments and settlements

Contract Module

The contract module is designed for admins to enter details of a contract. Once the contract is live, the system identifies all eligible vendors and awards  the contracts to them.

Admin Module 

The admin module manages the entire vendor management workflow. An admin can access and edit details of vendors, users, contracts, and finance module. An admin can enter contract details and notify vendors to bid on the contract. This module also include vendor onboarding and user management.

Vendor Module

The vendor module is designed for vendors to view contracts that have been awarded to them. The vendor can choose to accept the award or reject it. 

User Module

A user module is a general area that registered users can view contracts and the vendors who are working on them. A user can also raise a requirement for goods and services from the vendors.

AI, ML Module

The AI/ML module runs in the background identifying the right vendor for a contract. Checks are done against different parameters like cost, availability, vendor credibility, time to execute, etc. For any contract, the software notifies available vendors that the contract has been awarded to them and the contract goes to the first person who accepts the contract. Vendors can also choose not to accept the award.

Finance Module

The finance module handles all the payments and settlements. Once a contract is awarded to a vendor, a vendor must submit a valid verifiable audit trail for payments and settlements. 


This project is being developed as an open-source project with the following licensing: