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[Waste Water Treatment] Project Development and Results

Documenting Results 

The outcomes of this project must be a fully functional waste water treatment plant. The system must accompany the following documents:

  • System design guide
  • System Installation guide
  • User guide 
  • Sludge collection and disposal guide

Testing the Electrocoagulation System

Pass DC power to the electrocoagulation system at different intervals of time of 4, 8 and 12 hours. At each time interval, measure the amount of sludge that is recovered from the sludge tanks and test the final water for TSS.

Publishing Recommendations

A detailed report of the recommendation must accompany the results. The recommendations must specify the following:

  • Quantity of potable water recovered in the output chamber
  • Quantity of sludge recovered from sludge trays
  • Ideal voltage to be applied for maximum efficiency 
  • Precautions on handling components, battery, chemicals, charging stations and testing and measuring equipment