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[Swath Design - Concept Car] [ALTERNATIVE DOCUMENTATION] Swath Engineering


Desired Outcomes of this Project

The outcome of this project is to evaluate the viability of a swath base design for a boat.

We need to evaluate:

  • What kind of waves the vessel would be stable in
  • The payload this can carry
  • Make any redesigns that are necessary to make this viable
  • Evaluate the maneuverability of the design and how it will react to turning as well as what the turn characteristics may be.
  • Make any redesigns that are necessary to improve the turn characteristics of this design.
  • We would ideally like to carry 2-4 people + some baggage so we have to make sure this can accommodate that kind of payload

Feedback and suggestions on how to modify the swath base to improve buoyancy, stability, maneoverability, etc are very welcome.

More information:
  • We are using 2 PR212 motors from here:
  • We are using electric thrusters so we will need space for enough lithium batteries to make 20-40 mile+ trips.
  • The current swath base design (files in multiple formats) are here.
  • The proper ratio in dimensions is needed but a good guide is that an aquatic car size vehicle will need to have a width of 4m to be stable.
  • We have built a 1:8 scale test model here). This is a 1/8 scale model that we 3D printed and tested in our pool.
  • We have a full scale size fiberglass model that is about 50% complete but currently on hold.
  • We have a conceptual design for the passenger section (below). You can also check the concept designs here)P75-Concept-Vehicle-201211-V01.jpg
  • (UPDATED: March 4, 2021) We are investigating the feasibility of making the passenger section this week.
The underwater portion of this vessel is similar to this:


Project Prizes

Winner(s) for each level will be judged by Ocean Builders and the Sponsor.

  • Level 1: Submit a detailed outline of your proposal. The proposal should detail a realistic plan for the simplest, easiest, and lowest cost method of completing as much of this project as possible and a proposed timeline and cost estimates

Project Management Page

Coming soon

Project Participants:

Applicants needed

Project Manager
Grant Romundt (temporary). The main project manager will be announced soon.

Movement and Operational Controls, Swath Design

This project is being developed as an open-source project with the following licensing: