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Tablet Configuration

THe tablets should be setup with the following features

  • Load Home Assistnat in two different ways. 
    • An admin access: This is setup in a web browser, by opening the Brain Machine URL and port.
    • A user level access: This is done using the Home Assistant Android app
  • English language. The Android system must be setup to English (US). For Home Assistant to also show in English it must be the Home Assistant logged user who has that language selected.
  • Charge + Ethernet wiring. This is done using a PoE+ (802.3at) to USB-C adapter. The tablet has to support charging + data through its USB-C port. The switch has to support PoE+.
  • Add a shortcut to the Home Assistant app to the home view so it is easy for the user to jump back to it if they go out of the app
  • Set vibration off and sound off in the tablet.
  • Lock the Home Assistant app so the tablet acts as a Home Assistant interface mostly and hiding the rest of the operating system: This depends on the tablet model and there are easy tutorials on how to do it in Youtube.
  • Hide sidebar in Home Assistant app. This way regular users will have more room for cards and will not have access to sections that are not needed. They could always expand it with the top-left corner button.