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Initial plan for Solar Power & Storage System

12450W Monocrystalline Grade A Solar Panel, IP67 (12 year Warranty)
2Anodized Aluminum Rack for 4 Solar Panels, high resistance to corrosion and wind (10 year Warranty)
835mm end clip for mounting solar panels on rail
2MC-4 Connector for Photovoltaic Modules
2MC-4 Double Connector for Photovoltaic Modules
1Inverter / Charge Controller 5000 W Peak power (92 % efficiency pure sine wave)
298 AWG/600V Cable Black, Antiflame
298 AWG/600V Cable Red, Antiflame
308 AWG/600V Cable Green/Ground, Antiflame
4510 AWG/600V Cable White AC, Antiflame 3 pole


32High Quality 12V 110 Ah VRLA AGM Deep cycle Battery certified
245 A Anti-Vandal Grounding Kit with Electrode, Filter Coupler and H2Ohm Compound.