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[High Yield Rotary Hydroponics Garden] Preliminary Research and Documentation

The following research and documentation is meant to get this project started. Please consider this a work in progress. Significant work is needed to move this project forward.


A high-yield rotating hydroponics system consists of the following modules:

  • Water inlet and outlet
  • Growth tray
  • Hydroponics drum


Figure 1 - High yield rotating hydroponics system

Water Inlet and Outlet

A water pump is installed to pump water and nutrients into the growth tray. The pump is programmed to pump water 3 times in a day. A water outlet drains out the water every day. This water can be reused for cleaning purposes.

Growth Tray

The growth tray consists of enclosures that contain the saplings. They can be easily removed and replaced. The growth trays are arranged so that water can reach each tray. The growth trays are installed in the hydroponics drum.

Hydroponics Drum

The hydroponics drum is connected to a motor and houses growth trays. The drum is programmed to rotate at regular intervals at different RPMs to maximize growth of vegetables.


This project is being developed as an open-source project with the following licensing: