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Coral Printing and Design


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Some Sample Images

The following are preliminary conceptual images that we have created which were intended to be placed around the base of our SeaPods in the underwater section. The base of these could have been as much as 10m in width so these structures would be massive. They would act as a coral garden that people would be able to see and enjoy. On land based homes people have gardens. On the ocean we would have coral gardens. We would like to find ways to design the optimal shape coral garden. Ideally these structures would be designed to accomodate different kinds of sea life. The sizes and shapes of holes may need to be tailored for coral polyps, small/medium/large fish, and other sea life. Some planning and design and research would be needed for this. It would be great if a tourism focused design could be designed which would be something there families could snorkel down underwater and screw in or attach small modules of a coral garden with living coral polyps so they could participate in coral restoration projects. Screw or snap in pieces could also have different size/shaped fish homes or other structures.  











New Concepts

Some research notes & references:

This project is being developed as an open-source project with the following licensing: