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Incubator Projects

Research projects that are pending of evaluation to integrated on our core projects

3D Modular Printing

All-things 3D printing focused on modular style prints.

3D Printed Shower Grip

3D Printed Sink

3D Printed Spiral Stairs


3D printed concrete, using ph-neutral material.


3D printed artificial reefs using ceramic and clay.

Advanced Material Research

Consistent R&D of advanced materials for commercial application.

AirDrop Drone Delivery

Autonomous drone delivery for items like groceries and medicine.

AirWatch Drone Security

Autonomous aerial drones for the security of offshore communities.

AquaLink Offshore Internet

AquaRecycler Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater (black/grey water) management system using incineration and electrocoagulation.

AquaScan Subsea Mapping

Autonomous subsea drone providing sonar and photogrammetric maps, as well as water quality data.

AquaSense Ocean Monitoring

Water quality sensors to gather readings up/down the water column below Pods.

Astro ASV

Autonomous drone for heavy payload transportation and waste collection.

Automated Drawers

Battery Conversion

Convert a lead-acid battery to a lead-alkaline battery using Alum (Potassium Aluminum Sulfate) and Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulfate).

Bedroom Presence

Automatic detection of persons triggering ambiance preferences.

Bio AI

Subsea camera with AI computer vision monitoring fish and coral species.


Using biomass to generate fuel and energy.


Using seaweeds for medicine.


Design and build a system that can produce bioplastic products from algae and microalgae.

Blockchain DeFi Purchasing

Build-a-Garden Hydroponics

High-yield hydroponic gardens that are built modularly.

Corrosion Prevention

Distributed IP on Blockchain

Drag & Drop Interface Programming

Driverless Boat Software

Dynamic Positioning

Ecology Footprint

Using ecological-friendly lighting and acoustics on Pods.

Facial AI

Accessibility in Pods using residents' faces, unique to each home.

Flexoelectric and Piezoelectric Energy

The electromechanical coupling coefficient is a numerical measure of the conversion efficiency between electrical and acoustic ...

Floating City Design

Follow Me

Software that stores a resident's lifestyle preferences in a database to then be applied in a new home when the resident moves.

Gesture AI

AI computer vision model that detects hand gestures for actions throughout smart home.

Gyroscopic Stabilization

Ice Bath and Sauna

Personal ice bath and sauna for Pod.

Incinerator Toilet

Functioning toilet and urinal that treats blackwater liquid and solid waste via incineration.

IoT Failure Prediction

Island Engineering

Jacuzzi Shower

Lightning Prevention System

Prevention of lightning strikes and damage using lightning dissipaters.

Manta Long Range UUV

Marine Biofouling Prevention

MetaPod AR, VR, and NFTs

Movement and Operational Controls

Movement and control system that can be installed on boats, yachts, ships, and Pods.

NFC Rings

Pod accessibility using NFC chips embedded in personalized rings.

Ocean Credits

Cryptocurrency and other tokens rewarding eco-sustainability and eco-restoration.

Offshore Cryptocurrency Mining & Staking

Plastic Eating Bacteria

Plug In Platforms

Pneumatic Elevator

Unique pneumatic elevator for Pods.

Pod Roof Porthole


Offshore exercise and fitness.

PodHopper eVTOL

Single and two passenger aerial transportation.

PodWatch Lifeguard Rescue

Autonomous drone and computer vision model to detect then prevent drowning around Pods.

PodWatch-2 Subsea Lifeguard ROV

Reefscan ROV

Consumer-grade uderwater ROV drone with 12mpx forward-facing camera for photography, videography, and live streaming.

Remote Data Transmission

Rim-Driven Thrusters

Unique thrusters for seamless rotation and movement of Pods.

Robotic Manufacturing

Automating the build and assembly of Pods using robotics.

Sea Governance

Addressing conflict management, policies, and contract management to ensure offshore communities live together harmoniously.


Centralized ocean data portal with a coral seed bank.

Single Print Homes

Smart Desalination

Smart Fridge

Smart Shower

Smart Walls

Plug and play wall attachments for a variety of activities and aesthetics.

Solar Thermal

Spar Jacuzzi

Optional jacuzzi attachment for an outer spar.


Unique swath vessel for personal transportation.


Consumer-grade submarine for eco-tourism.

Subsea Cleaning Drone

Subsea Observatory

360-degree underwater observatory accessible through the lower section of Pods.

Super Capacitors

Sustainable AquaCulture

Offshore farming of highly nutritious and protein-rich foods like algae, kelp, and other non-conventional food sources.

The Coral Reef Collective

Collection of NGOs and for-profit groups pursuing coral restoration worldwide.

Theft AI

AI computer vision model to prevent theft and danger around Pods.

Tidal Power Generation

Energy creation using waves and tides.

Turbine Generator

Underwater Air Battery

Underwater Jetpack

Vocal AI

Voice commanded actions in smart home.

Wing-In-Ground Flyboat

A flying sailboat.