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Main Deliverables of this Project

Design and build a Wing in Ground Effect flying boat capable of unlimited sailing range 


Develop the mechanisms to operate this design for a flying sailboat that can fly at close to 200km per hour for 1 to 2 hours in WIG, and possibly also motor and glide for longer time spans, at lower speeds. Having the option to sail the craft as a trimaran for unlimited range. Interior is to have 2 cabins with large inflatable mattresses, one full bath and one half bath, as well as kitchenette and dining/desk area, providing live aboard accommodations for up to 2 couples.

The objective of this project is to design the components of mechanisms and structures necessary to create this WIG craft

  • Lightweight body shell between 13 and 14 meters long
  • Composite wings consisting of fixed area and movable folded America's Cup type wing sails
  • Hydrofoils to allow for quick takeoff

Why this is important

The technology to build this craft exists today. It is just a question of putting some money and effort to bring various disciplines together. Battery powered electric airplanes that are being proven now by Siemens and Rolls Royce and other smaller companies. Lightweight shell materials such as Kevlar. Wing sails as used in C Class boats and America's Cup racing catamarans. The interior is elementary and the control systems need to be ingenious and very light weight.

If the craft can be produced, tested, and finished it must be obvious that the model would replace in great part the sailboat, yacht, and motorboat market. Who would want a sailboat that plods along at 5 kilometres per hour when one could be flying at 200 km per hour with no cost for fuel?

What this project needs to move forward

We need these skills to move this project forward:

  • Mechanical/Structural Engineers - To design and build the structure of the WIG craft, the various control mechanisms that should mostly operate on compressed air
  • Mechatronics/Electronics Major - To purchase antennas, sensors for control and communications and some internal control systems.
  • Software and AI specialists - To purchase or adapt software that can fly the craft on auto pilot. 
  • Wing-sail specialist - To purchase and adapt if necessary wing sails to serve as wings when folded and a sail when raised .


Highlights of working on this project

  • Collaborate with talented people from different domains and areas of study and expertise
  • Build a strong team with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds
  • Learn project management, project reporting, delivery cycles
  • Work in a highly energized environment that focuses on high quality product development
  • Produce a flying boat that would soon replace a huge section of the yacht and boat markets.
  • Have fun in a super charged team of professionals students, collaborators, sponsors

For Contributors

  • Remuneration - This is a sponsored project. You will get paid for your contributions. Find out more from your project manager/project coordinator.
  • Learning - This project offers you opportunities to learn about this concept/topic/technology. You will get to collaborate and work with industry experts and professionals who will share their experiences and guide you along with their best practices.
  • Culture - Work with people from different backgrounds, cultures, nationalities and get exposure to working on cross-functional and virtual teams.
  • Get Your Hands Dirty - Roll up your sleeves and get practical on this project. Experience the joy of designing or building a machine/system/device that will be used by millions of people worldwide. 
  • Build and Grow your Professional Network - Collaborate on this project, make friends, and grow your professional network.

For Sponsors

  • Top Talent - Work with talented people and find new recruits for your business as you see this project take shape.
  • Goodwill - Get positive goodwill for your brand as a sponsor who is building something innovating and contributing to the future.
  • Innovate - participate in cutting edge technology development
  • Monetize - Invest in his project and take it to market with your brand identity

For Users

  • Get involved in the design phase and share your thoughts on how you would use this product or technology in your daily lives.
  • Give feedback at regular intervals and development stages to help this team to design and build a user-friendly system or technology.
  • Work with people from different countries, cultures, backgrounds and experiences. It's fun!


Get Recognition - Participate as an academician/student and contribute to research papers, college projects and participate in local, state, national, and international academic or technical conferences. Present papers on the innovations and advancements that have been made.