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Patio General Information

The patio has a walkable surface of 9.1m2.

Topview showing the patio layout and sliding glass area. Also here.

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 patio.png


Outdoor marine grade speakers will be available as an optional upgrade.


Voice Assistant

There will be one voice assistant mic (Smart Home Package Upgrade) that will be located on the patio which can be turned on/off with a manual hardware switch if you prefer not to use voice assistants in the Pod. 


Patio Water Draining Report & Strategy

Report Download.


Patio Fence

The patio fence is made from polycarb material and will be tinted to match the main window tint color of the house. 

Possible Stainless Steel Fencing Parts Supplier (we are also getting parts from them for hammock connections, cleats for dock, etc.)