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Rotating Pod


We would like to rearchresearch a potential feature of having a rotating Pod where the entire house can be rotated.

  • The patio aligned with the door in the spar will be considered as 0°.
  • The house will rotate from 0-350°. We should be able to set the angle of the house down to one demical. Eg. 100.1° 
  • We should be able to precisely see the angle of the house and set the angle at any degree we choose to 0.01° accuracy (electrical integration). We should have a backup system to detect the position or at least know that it is at one of 4 main angles 0°, 90°, 180° or 270° or possibly in what range area they are.
  • We will have two motors placed at opposite ends of the spar to create the turning effect (research motors)
  • We should be able to detect if there are any obstructions from having the house turn (like someone or something blocking the stairway which would get broken or cut if it got caught (electrical integration - not sure what kind)
  • Through the mobile app or control panel users should be able to select the angle of the house with these features:
    • Angle
    • Direction
    • Manual Control
    • Landmark
      • Search Landmark
      • Suggested
      • Statue of Liberty
      • Hollywood
      • Hawaii
      • Galapagos
      • Australia
      • Eiffel Tower
      • Other
    • Follow
      • Sun (by day)
      • Moon (by night)
      • Sun & Moon (by day & night)
      • Person
      • Planet
        • Mars
        • Venus
        • Jupiter
        • Star Sign
    • Energy Efficiency (we need to detect what angle the houses heat the least at)
    • Aerodynamic (this mode takes over in bad weather - we need to face the most aerodynamic direction or be at the safest angle)
    • Timed/Schedule
    • Random


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This project is being developed as an open-source project with the following licensing: