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Floating Top Seastead Design


1) photo of the platform standing on its own on the ground.
2) a short video floating in the drum and ballasted down 
3) the shaft is what makes it technically achievable
And is a corridor through the different levels.
(Although your 3D machine might make one without the shaft)
4) the black platform is currently sitting on a lazy Susan 
But I am not sure if technology could handle some thing this. 
5) if it’s moving around in a slow circle we must be able to generate  electricity.
6) The submerged half will have a underwater loading bay, a small two man submarine base 
7) there is a large open deck space, plus  balconies on all levels which become underwater stability platforms below sea level.
The whole platform must have watertight integrity ie water tight doors with appropriate back up. 
That can be opened and closed as per the weather conditions. 
There should be a three metre rise and fall capability lifting her clear of say 3 metre seas and then bringing her down to i cease stability in adverse weather.
The list will go on and on 
The greatest need from this point in the input of naval architects so that the right balance can be achieved.
If we can’t get the balance right we are not going anywhere.
I will doll this up a bit and add a bit more to it. 
And that going to be the end of my capability as I have no other resources. 
This will work but concessions have to be made in everyone’s thinking, that part of it will always below the surface.
Sell the first one to science 



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This project is being developed as an open-source project with the following licensing: