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Curved Patio Doors


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This project is being developed as an open-source project with the following licensing:


Preliminary concepts:


THe doors went from being sliding doors to being multi-leaf vertically opening "aircraft hangar" style doors to returning to sliding and finally, (we hope) to folding doors.

The problem with sliding doors, in our particular situation is that the panes would gather at the ends and restrict access to the staircase. The folding doors, on the other hand, fold out onto the balcony outside, and therefore don't interfere with teh staircase.

Generally, folding doors are on a straight track, the challenge was to make that work on a curve.

After many computeranimated simulations, we arrived at a prpper combination of curves and casters placement so as to be able to achieve the motion that we wanted.

Here are some of the animations that we worked on:

5-3-21 window animation
5-3-21 window explanation
5-2-21 attempt and considerations


Development as of May 7th, 2021










We may need to have our own custum door pane casters made to meet our requirements.

Update as of May 16th, 2021