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Research projects: How do we organize work?

 Since we have research projects in all sorts of study fields, with separate teams working on them, we don't impose any unique workflow in those independent projects. It is up to their teams how to organize the work.

files.However we like to keep all the data organized and hosted in the same places so we have some very basic guidelines about the onboarding of new people and how to organize the work:


Applicants should look for the available projects at https://oceanbuilders.comcom/projects/ and for each project they would like to apply they can fill up a small form from there and hit APPLY. This will email our internal team who will answer back by email within days.

If you have any problem with the forms or if you have been waiting for too long for a reply (maybe the email never reached you), please let us know in our Discord server.

Once the application is accepted you will be giving access to the following resources:

  • Editor permissions for our wiki, so you can document your project inside the Research section
  • A list of contacts that you will need to move on with your project. If it is an ongoing project then we will put you in touch with the rest of the team
  • Access to your project board at our project management system ( This is a Trello-like system that will allow you to organize your tasks better and will give anybody insight in the progress of the project. All the boards for open source projects are public.
  • Access to a repository in GitHub, inside our organization, if your project involves coding.
  • Access to our files management system at This is a dropbox-like system that we internally use to upload and share files of all sizes.

One important step we will ask you to do is to learn How to use (and contribute to) this Wiki, you can read through in advance if you want!