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SeaPod NFT

Explore the possibilities of NFT's for ocean property

Tradeable digital assets that represent physical property or assets
NFT's that grant access or use for a limited time - access to any SeaPod, any LandPod, any Pod, limited by country or no limits. Upgraded access includes VIP Drone service, unlimited access or X number of days or X number of days per year
NFT's that give Fractional Ownership to an asset (specific asset or general) - specific could be access to a specific paddleboard pr general could be access to any paddleboard or maybe limited in some way like any paddleboard in Panama)
NFT Enhancement
NFT Artwork for Pod
NFT for Limited items - for example owning digital rights to aerial footage of original Seapod in Thailand before it was confiscated
NFT for original sketches of SeaPod designs
Redeemable NFT - experience (like organized trips)
Certificate of Completion (Seasteader Course completion limited to first 100 people)
NFT with Digital Scarcity
NFT with User rights
NFT Warranty?
Subjective vs Objective Value






Atomic Market





Writen by Scott Deardorff

What if we created Sea Pod in MInecraft, then post it for free on the Microsoft Minecraft Portal.   My grandson and I went through (and added to) the international space station.

We could even simulate some of the pod functions, like the pods could lock unless you have a ring in your inventory that belongs to the pod.  The lights could turn on with preferences of the user, all kinds of fun stuff.  We could even have a Home Assistant Minecraft integration, so you could turn the lights on in your virtual pod from the Ocean Builders Mobile App.
Once we've done that, we run a contest for schools where they use the Sea Pods to create floating cities in Minecraft.  We judge the submissions and award $$ and/or things like Raspberry Pi's to the winners of the contest.  We run it for like 6-12 months and get tons of goodwill and publicity and figure out where the door goes.

We could have different categories too like,Best City, Best Pod Enhancement

It would also help developers get a feel in a virtual-sense of what they are actually developing.

There is even Python support in Minecraft and you can import 3D models from Minecraft. If it gets popular, people could buy Sea Pods, that they built in Minecraft,  from Ocean Builders and turn them into Real Life Sea Pods, w/ additional accessories and approved modifications.