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Panama Incubator


Panama General Information

You can get general information on Panama here in wikipedia. Panama has visa-free entry for 90 to 180 days for many countries. You can find your country here. Covid travel advisories to panama.


Recommendations before you arrive


What to bring

  • WiFi at the incubator is not bad. However, we recommend signing up for Movistar cellular service. You will need to bring your passport and go to an office. We recommend you go to the Albrook Mall Movistar and sign up there. You can get short term prepaid or postpaid with a plan that costs about $40/month including taxes. NOTE: Movistar does not allow your device to be used as a wireless hotspot with its service.
  • We recommend visiting Albrook Mall (map here) on your way to the incubator to pick up anything you might need. It is a huge mall that sells just about anything you might need.
  • Suntan lotion.
  • Insect repellent (the mosquitoes aren’t so bad). All rooms have an overhead fan which helps keep them off you while you sleep. Other locations in the area can have a lot of mosquitoes. This varies from place to place.
  • Sometimes no-see-ums can be a problem but a good solution for them is rubbing on coconut oil on your exposed skin as their teeth aren’t long enough to go through a thin layer of oil and your skin.
  • Health supplements that may be hard to find outside your home country. There are some organic health food stores in Panama. Organica is the most common. We normally visit this store location.
  • We recommend bringing snorkels, marks, and water shoes
  • Electric power is pretty reliable but it can and will go down sometimes. It is recommended to have a backup power supply (and always make sure it is charged) for your phones/laptops if possible so you always have a backup.


What to expect

  • Please send us your flight itinerary and we will arrange to pick you up if you give us a minimum of 7 days notice so we can plan.
  • When you walk out of the customs area at the airport turn to your left and walk to the end of the walkway. Normally we would meet you in front of the men’s bathroom but with Covid visitors are not allowed inside the airport. Please walk out of the doors and cross the first walkway to the passenger pickup area. Your designated contact will pick you up in this area (likely in a red truck). This is what the men's bathroom area looks like when you walk to your left out of customs

  • We normally have someone driving to the city once a week for food supplies. The car is often full but if there is space you can come into the city for the day with us or you can usually find someone to pick up things for you if they are at the common stores we go to.
  • Having a rental car would be advantageous. I recommend Hertz as they seem to be the best I have used. All rental companies advertise a rate of about $4/day but by the time you are done, it will be more like $250/week with insurance. The roads here suck and they are not fun to drive. They are paved but you have to watch out for crazy drivers, dogs, and big potholes.
  • The temperature is hot during the day and it cools off at night but it's not cool.
  • The rainy season isn’t so rainy. Usually, there is a short rain then the sun comes out again.
  • January, February, and March the Trade Winds come through and it is a little windy and the water is not as nice for swimming or snorkeling because it is very muddy.
  • There is no hot water in showers, sinks or taps. But the cold water is nice and refreshing.


House Rules

  • Cleaning - The cleaner comes once per week. However, please clean up after yourself and don’t leave a mess.
  • Quiet hours - 10pm to 9am. If you are in the kitchen or common areas please be mindful that other people may be sleeping.
  • Trash & Recycling - Please separate your trash, and replace bags when necessary. Where do the bags go when they are full?
  • Laundry - There is a laundry machine in the back of the house.
  • Food - Each Aquapreneur is responsible for buying his own food. Cabinets are labeled by room to denote whose food belongs to whom.


Room Rental Rates at the incubator

  • The upstairs floor in the main house is $800 per month
  • Any of the downstairs rooms in the main house is $400 per month
  • The mini casita is $800 per month (not currently available)


Food & water at the incubator

  • An optional meal plan is available for $400/month and includes 2 prepared meals per day. Our cook comes in twice a week and will prepare fresh meals that can be frozen or put in the fridge and warmed up on the stove or in the microwave whenever you want.
  • There are not a lot of restaurants nearby so the meal plan is recommended.
  • The local shops near the incubator house sell very basic food and vegetables. However, food supplies can be replenished easily from the many supermarkets 2 hours away in Panama City. We make trips there approximately once per week.
  • There is a veggie truck stationed at the marina where you can buy fresh vegetables.
  • You can order food from a local delivery service selling fruit, vegetables, eggs, poultry, and fish. Call +507 6647 2885
  • We provide drinking water. We don’t recommend drinking from the taps.
  • Tap water is only for the toilet, shower, and dishes. Do not drink water from the tap and do not swallow any water when brushing your teeth. This water is not potable.
  • Please use the provided bottled water for cooking, drinking, and brushing teeth.
  • Please be considerate of housemates when showering. Keep shower time to a minimum so your housemates aren’t left without water.
  • If you find yourself without water, go over to the water pump and flip the switch. And that turns it on for 15 minutes and will turn off automatically. If the black water tank starts overflowing it means the pump is not needed anymore. In the case that you can not fix this on your own. Please call us.
  • Do not throw paper, sanitary napkins, or any other objects in the toilet. This will clog the plumbing.


What is provided at the incubator

  • Single person kayak
  • Two-person kayak
  • Outdoor Volleyball court
  • Tons of outdoor seating with cushions
  • First Aid Kits
  • Common Kitchen supplies
  • There are 7 rooms each of which can accommodate from 1-4 people
  • There is a Washer/Dryer on site and free of charge with detergent. If you leave your clothes in the washer or dryer for a long period of time someone else that is waiting to use the machines may move your clothes out after the washing/drying process is finished so they can have a turn. Please try to do this yourself.
  • There is A/C in each room but please do not use A/C when you are not in your room as you may overload the transformer which can cut off the power for 24 hours or longer.
  • Maid service is offered once a week.
  • A Gardener normally comes on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • There are two sets of towels for everyone (body towel & hand towel).
  • Bedsheets, pillow, drawers to store your clothes
  • Storage for toiletries in the bathroom.


Our Location

We are a 2 hour drive from Panama City
We are exactly here: 


Nearby Attractions

  • Scuba Diving Lessons
  • Snorkeling Rentals
  • Kayak Rentals
  • Paddleboard Rentals
  • Mangrove Tour
  • More coming soon...


Nearby Restaurants

  • Linton Bay Marina Restaurant (5 minute drive)
  • Restaurants Pizzeria Don Quijote’s (15 minute drive)
  • Pizza Combo Express (12 minute drive)



  • You will need to sign a Liability Release before arriving on the property.
  • Any creative work you do at the incubator or remotely or at any other location for Oceanbuilders, The Seasteading Institute or for yourself would need to be covered under a clearly defined agreement which will vary depending on circumstances.

Recycling Center in Panama City

Collection Center and Waste Management (CAM)
+507 317-0631 


Returning to your home country


    General Guidelines

    • While sleeping, please turn off lights on the patio to prevent overusing the transformer.
    • During the day, turn off the AC if you are not using the room. This will help us save energy as we are eco friendly and will also help the transformer from exploding. If this is not followed, the transformer can and will explode and you will be without power which can last for days.
    • Put away and take care of the Kayaks and floating devices. (Please bring them out of the water when not in use. Do not leave them in the water unsupervised.)
    • Please separate waste into the proper bins (Trash, Plastic, Compost, Glass)
    • While showering do not use too much water because you’ll run out of water quickly.
    • Please use water from the tap in moderation.
    • Be aware that the water supply from the city is limited and often gets turned off so the large storage tanks must be used sparingly.
    • Garden Lights: Turn on. There are 2 power outlets on the ramp that turn on the lights to the parking area.
    • In front of the shower outside that is behind the black tank, there is a power outlet that turns on the light for the garden.
    • Close to the well, the little pool, there is a switch that turns on the lights for the pool.
    • To turn on the patio fans, they turn on from right inside the large sliding doors to the house. (labeled)
    • Lights for the beach (along the water): the switch is upstairs in the bedroom.
    • Please remember to turn off lights and AC to save energy.
    • Please go kayaking with a buddy. The best times to kayak on Fri-Sun are before the tour boats start operating at 8am. Mon-Thurs the tour boats are not very active. Please ask someone for an orientation before going out on the water.
    • We do have some jellyfish but they are not too bad compared to some countries where their sting is really awful.
    • Please be very careful getting into and out of the kayaks. The rocks at the waters edge can be very slippery even if you think you have good balance.

    Tourism information and General Advice:

    Here are some helpful tips as you prepare for your upcoming visit to Linton Bay:

    • Your car should have a PanaPass to access the Corredor Norte toll road.
      At the Colon-Madden toll road, prepare to have $2.30 for that portion, your PanaPass does not work on that road. You will also need to pay the toll when you return to Panama City.
    • Best to arrive with as much gas as possible in your tank.
    • We are a cash economy here. There is no access to cash and no places take credit cards. The local restaurants, vendors and businesses accept cash only so budget and plan accordingly.
    • Bring your own drinking water for the duration of your trip.
    • Be sure to pack sunscreen, hat, bug spray, snorkel gear, binoculars for birding, beach and bathing towels.
    • There are many tourist attractions and service providers. Some options are listed below. Upon request, I can share more details and contact information as you plan outings according to your interests.
    1. Birding and nature tours, jungle hikes, phyto and bioprospecting tours, historic tours
    2. Snorkel and Scuba diving
    3. Kayak, stand up paddle board rentals
    4. Horseback riding
    5. Sailing excursions, both day and overnight, mono-hull and catamaran charters
    6. Panga mangrove and island tours (Isla Grande, Isla Mamey)
    7. Surfing
    8. ulinary visits - we have several dining options in our area at Linton Bay Marina, in Puerto Lindo, fine dining available at Ciel y Miel, pizza delivery, Casa X, PanaMarina, etc.

    Incubator House and Property Photo Gallery