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image22---Copy.jpgDesired Outcomes of this Project

The outcome of this project is to build a functioning toilet & urinal system that completely treats blackwater liquid and solid waste by incinerating it. The incinerator can run on a multi fuel burner that can use propane, kerosene, cooking oil (special to Panama), gas, diesel, plastic, wood, paper products, dried seaweed waste, and other combustible materials. Not all of these fuels may be deemed practical or desirable but it would be nice to have a system that can run on many types of fuel. The heat generated by incinerating is used to boil water which is used as a hot water supply for various household systems.

The original concept for the incinerator comes from This company has been making incinerator toilets for many years. There are yards in the local area in Panama where they have an incinerator toilet from this company that has been in use for 20+ years without problems. The downside of this system is that it is still very different from a normal toilet. So there is a little bit of a learning curve. You have to put down a paper sheet before you start using the toilet. One the toilet is flushed there's no actual water. The system has to be manually cleaned out frequently, meaning a couple times a week at the very least. It uses electricity to do the incineration. I'm not sure if there's a propane option. This may be too energy intensive for our purposes if it is using electricity. Electricity is at a premium on a floating structure that doesn't have power hook ups.

Hannes, came up with a modification that will allow us to use a normal toilet with flushing water where you would not have to do anything different when using the toilet. The system as described in this video that he made:

We are making further improvements on the system which will allow us to do two things that are a really great in addition to what was discussed in the video above.

We will be reusing the waste heat to heat water which can be used on the SeaPod for showers, powering steam turbines, and other uses. This will allow us to efficiently use all of the energy that we are using to incinerate the waste for very useful purposes.

Modified Version Diagram (January 15, 2021)

Video Explanation of January 2021 revision which accompanies the schematic below:

What's missing from the diagram below is the addition of a waterless urinal which feeds directly into the second burner for liquids.


  • Build rocket burner (propane or wood) with a sized for allowing a 2 gallon size solid waste holder + a second burner to boil the liquids.
  • Combine propane and wood rocket burner into one is feasible.
  • Heat resistant grill (too big but right idea) to catch solid waste that can be heated repeatedly for 10+ years without fail. The grill will have to allow liquids to pass through into a second burner.
  • Heat exchanger for possible preheating of blackwater liquid.
  • Water condensation system.
  • Exhaust vent.
  • Air intake for burners.
  • Cold water circulation pump.
  • Float valve switch.
  • Some way of detecting if there is solid waste that needs to be burned.
  • Charcoal filter
  • Heat exchangers
  • Various temperature sensors for testing purposes
  • Toilet tank reservoir

Sample Burners

Liquid Waste Treatment

Hold and Treat system (+PDF)

Turbine Generator, Thermal Solar Collectors, Greywater Treatment, Blackwater Liquid Electric Treatment

This project is being developed as an open-source project with the following licensing: