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General Manager


A minimum of 3 candidates must be interviewed and evaluated before a selection is made.



All candidates must undergo a formal evaluation. Process is to be determined.

Must have Panamanian residency and a work permit


Qualities & Characteristics
  • Operational Excellence is the most important characteristic someone in this position should strive for and the ideal candidate helps others in the organization reach Operational Excellence as well

  • Super detail oriented

  • Super organized

  • Good at tracking multiple complex projects

  • Good at communicating with people

  • Good at disarming conflict

  • Good at dealing with a wide range or personalities

  • Good at motivating people

  • Good at keeping a team on track and getting them back on track when they are behind

  • Good at co-ordinating between teams to get projects done that involve people working on different projects in different parts of the world

  • Must be level headed and not create drama in the workplace
  • Must have a get things done attitude
  • Taking a technical concept and figuring out all of the elements that need to go into it to make it work, build specifications for implementing it, break it into step-by-step pieces and make it happen

  • Ability to quickly grasp new concepts

  • NOTE FOR ROB: I would like to build into the hiring process a framework that sets the standard and communicates to people that we adhere to the principles of kaizen and maybe other key philosophies that you suggest we include in this. Interview process should also include people making a process manual of some sort to get them aligned on making Process Manuals and also maybe that itself can be linked to the idea of kaizen 


Roles & Responsibilities
  • Learn how to make a Process Manual.
  • Determine what business processes need to be established and research how to do it and get it done.
  • Build documentation on how to run the business correctly.
  • Make, revise, and improve Process Manuals.
  • Make sure everyone else is making process manuals & review their work & approve.
  • Research what a learning organization is and email learnings to your manager.
  • Enforce all team members to build and update their process manuals.
  • Do monthly checks on all process manuals, ensure they are being updated. Review, update, and improve all documentation.
  • Add general training and safety training for all new equipment as it comes in
    • Help establish & refine hiring & onboarding procedures

    • Work to continuously improve and refine all processes and procedures at all levels

    • Enforce that processes are performed accurately and improved upon constantly

      • Ensuring everyone at the factory have the materials, supplies, tools, and other items they need to do their work

      • Co-ordinating with a "runner" that will shop for supplies in Panama City or elsewhere and deliver to the factory or rendez-vous with someone from Ocean Builders at some location in between.

      • Making shopping supply trips to get supplies as needed in Panama City or elsewhere in Panama

      • Co-ordinating all matters with our lawyer as needed or as requested 
      • Co-ordinating all matters with our insurance providers as needed or as requested
      • Co-ordinating with Panamanian government offices, departments, and ministries to acquire new paperwork, approvals, or whatever is needed for the business to operate
      • Co-ordinating with accountant to make sure all workers 
      • Co-ordinating with accountant to ensure all bookkeeping for the company is maintained in proper order
      • Co-ordinating international orders, shipments, and deliveries

      • Co-ordinating the registration of all company vehicles and factory equipment
      • Making regular or occasional trips to the bank in Panama City or elsewhere to get cash to pay workers
      • Complete tasks in a timely manner and if you are not able to complete tasks in a timely manner then ask for help long before due dates so that the business runs efficiently and without delay
      • Ensuring the factory meets or exceeds all legal and social responsibilities
      • Assist with whatever random tasks come up that need to be dealt with even if it is someone else's responsibility

      • Co-ordinate all logistics with visitors that are flying into Panama to visit our operation
      • Answer Live Chat from website 
      • Be a positive role model and representative of the business.
      • Ensure the office is properly maintained, neat, and tidy at all times 
      • Double check international orders (LINK) and factor order lists (LINK) at a set schedule to ensure essential supplies arrive as quickly as possible.
      • Set daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and periodic work routines & checklists to ensure everything is being done and key responsibilities are being completed on time.


      Hourly Roles & Responsibilities
      • list here if any


      Daily Roles & Responsibilities
      • Beginning of day activities (list here if any)
      • End of day activities (list here if any)


      Weekly Roles & Responsibilities
      • Beginning of week activities (list here if any)
      • End of week activities (list here if any)
      • Monday morning report on worker status from previous week???


      Monthly Roles & Responsibilities
      • Beginning of month activities (list here if any)
      • End of month activities (list here if any)


      Annually Roles & Responsibilities
      • Beginning of year activities (list here if any)
      • End of year activities (list here if any)


      Periodically Roles & Responsibilities
      • Pay Workers (list here if any)
      • Calculate Payment for Workers (list here if any)


      Interview Process (in construction)

      Candidate Evaluation Written Test (in construction)

      Candidate In Person Testing. Candidates must perform tasks which will help us evaluate their skills and abilities to perform this role.

      Probation period: 90 days

      Start Onboarding here (in construction)