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General Manager


OverviewA minimum of 3 candidates must be interviewed and evaluated before a selection is made.





All candidates must undergo a formal evaluation. Process is to be determined.


Project Manager:

Qualities and& Characteristics
  • Operational Excellence is the most important characteristic someone in this position should strive for

  • Super detail oriented

  • Super organized

  • Help with documentation of all critical work processes

  • Help establish & refine hiring & onboarding procedures

  • Work to continuously improve and refine all processes and procedures at all levels

      • Good at tracking multiple complex projects

      • Good at communicating with people.

      • Good at disarming conflict.

      • Good at dealing with a wide range or personalities.

      • Good at motivating people.

      • Good at keeping a team on track and getting them back on track when they are behind

      • Good at co-ordinating between teams to get projects done that involve people working on different projects in different parts of the world

      • No drama get things done attitude
      • Taking a technical concept and figuring out all of the elements that need to go into it to make it work, build specifications for implementing it, break it into step-by-step pieces and make it happen

      • Quickly grasp concepts

      • Assisting Rudy with ordering products
      • Ensuring everyone at the factory have the supplies they need to do their work
      • Answer Live Chat from website
      • Assist with whatever random tasks come up that need to be dealt with even if it is someone else's responsibility
      • Enforce that processes are performed accurately and improved upon constantly