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Preliminary Research and Documentation

The following research and documentation is meant to get this project started. Please consider this a work in progress. Significant work is needed to move this project forward.


 A software application that can use AI and ML to learn and user behavior in the seapod and store them in a database. The following are the specifications:

Lifestyle Preferences

Each resident has a basic set of lifestyle preferences. The following are examples of these preferences:


  • Lighting in each room
  • Turning on and turning off lights automatically at a set time (for example, lights in the balcony are turned on at 7:00 p.m. and turned off at 11:00 p.m.)
  • Use facial recognition and keep lights on in room
  • Color of light - white, yellow, other


  • Temperature of water in the kitchen
  • Temperature of water in the shower
  • Temperature of drinking water - normal and cold


Groceries and Medication
  • Scan and store grocery data in the refrigerator
  • Scan and store medication data


  • Allow a user to set up reminders for personal every day, every week, every month tasks.
  • Bill payment reminder and payment system


Personal Visitors
  • Allow a user to enter details of family and friends - this is needed for the system to alert these visitors in case of an emergency.
  • The system needs to get the visitors' approval before storing their details.


The above list is a basic lifestyle preference list. Contributors can brainstorm and add more preferences to this list.


Storing Data

User behavior is constantly logged and updated in a central database. At regular intervals, a resident can view activity and make changes when needed. This data can be accessed by the resident by using an authentication method.


Purging  Data

A user lifestyle preference data is personal data. A user may choose to completely purge data at any time.


Resetting Data

When a resident moves out of a seapod, the system automatically resets user lifestyle preferences to default settings. When new residents moves in, they can customize their lifestyle preferences.


Restoring Data

The use lifestyle preference data package is stored on a central database. When a user moves to a new sea pod, these preferences can be applied by the resident to the new seapod.



This project is being developed as an open-source project with the following licensing: