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Corrosion Prevention for SeaPods

Mild steel is the one of the most commonly used material in building structures on land and at sea. It is also used in the building the structure of a SeaPod. Steel, however, has a high corrosion rate when exposed to sea water. There are various methods in practice to protect steel structures from corroding. 


Antifouling is a coating of paint used to protect the SeaPod's structure from marine organisms like barnacles that can cause physical damage to the parts that are below the waterline. Antifouling paints release a range of bioactive ingredients that prevent marine organisms and sea weeds from attaching themselves to the structure. 

A layer of antifouling primer is applied to the SeaPod substrate before applying the antifouling paint.

Anti-fouling paints have been used for centuries to protect a ship's hull. However, some of them are toxic by nature and discharge toxins to keep the hull's surface clean. This can be hazardous for marine lifeforms. Silane and siloxane-based paints are non-toxic and cause no harm to marine lifeforms while protecting the surface from corrosion.


Silane and Siloxane-based Paints

Sea-Speed V 10X Ultra Clear

Initially designed for sail and motor racing vessels, Sea-Speed has been on the forefront of development of surface functionalized silane/siloxane and polysiloxane coating technologies for non–stick release in the marine industry since 2001. It is easy to apply and provides a very durable high gloss finish that is non-stick and extremely smooth.

Sea-Speed V10X Ultra Clear is a sustainable and green alternative to soft silicone coatings and toxic self-polishing and ablative anti-fouling hull paints.

The V 10 X ULTRA series of hull coatings series is incrementally more durable and has the lowest surface roughness in the industry at less than 10 microns. 

  • Non-Toxic - Provides a non-toxic solution for corrosion prevention for seapod.
  • Non-Permeable - Paint and coating is non-permeable and resistant to water.
  • UV Stabilized - Provides protection from long term degradation from UV light.
  • Non-Depleting coating yields a minimum 10 years lifecycle to the SeaPod, reducing maintenance costs.


Interline White 850

Interline White 850 provides corrosion protection for the internals of steel storage tanks and pipes containing a range of products, including crude oil, unleaded gasoline blends, MTBE, jet fuels, caustic solutions, potable water and a selected range of aromatic and aliphatic solvents. 


Sigma Prime 200 Series

Sigma Prime 200 Series is a universal epoxy primer system suitable for ballast tanks, deck, topside, superstructure, hull, cargo oil tanks and cargo holds. It has excellent adhesion to steel, shop primer, galvanized steel and non-ferrous metals.