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Blockchain Property Title Registration & Fractional Ownership


Desired Outcomes of this Project

We are interested in being able to have ownership of a floating house represented as a verifiable blockchain title asset and for the asset to be able to be split into fractions so that there may be multiple owners that can easily buy, sell, and trade their assets. If the asset is rented out then the proceeds of the rental will be distributed according to the agreement between owners of the title.

We would like to be able to see the ownership assets value or percentage in a mobile app. Ownership of the token represents ownership of the asset. If you cannot prove ownership of the token then you don't own the asset. Ownership should be easily verifiable.



A sponsor is needed for this project. Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring this project.


Project Prizes

Winner(s) for each level will be judged by Ocean Builders and the Sponsor.

  • Level 1: Submit a detailed outline of your proposal. The proposal should detail a realistic plan for the simplest, easiest, and lowest cost method of completing as much of this project as possible and a proposed timeline and cost estimates for various parts of the project. The prize for this level is set to $250 which will be paid by our sponsor in cryptocurrency to each team entry or single-member applicant. Multiple winners may be awarded.
  • Level 2: Set up or build a working blockchain system that allows creation of a tradeable and subdividable blockchain asset title for a floating home. The prize for this level is set according to the budget outlined in the Level 1 proposal. Only one team or individual applicant will be selected.
  • QUICK COMPLETION BONUS: Up to $750 will be given as a bonus for swiftly completing this project in the allotted time or for other reasons.
Potential Candidate Technologies (may not be viable as they charge a 3% fee of the purchase price)

Cardano (ADA)?

Digitbyte (DGB)?


Possible useful research links:


Original Project Video Explanation Link


Project Management Page

Coming soon



Applicants needed

Project Manager
Grant Romundt (temporary). The main project manager will be announced soon.

Blockchain Governance


This project is being developed as an open-source project with the following licensing: