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Aquatic Service Drone



  • My thoughts on this project:
  • Pick up several packages on a boat.
  • Lets try to bring in partnerships whenever possible. Not sure if these are the right ones but we can start here: and and and
  • Totally automated.
  • Software component - have danger areas on map there know not to go (obstacles and dangerous water) & have areas that it stay away from (restricted areas). Know locations for trash, compost, recycling drop off, laundry delivery, courier pick up, delivery pick up, medical supply pick up.
  • Have April Tag ( to identify docking locations (pickup/dropoff).
  • How identify where to pick up on vessel?
  • Remove package from seapod. Place package on seapod.
  • Unload boat
  • Load 3 or more standard containers on the vessel
  • Lidar or camera that can detect environment and make sure not going to hit anything (oncoming boats). How get out of the way if boats are approaching. Detect direction of movement and speed of movement of oncoming boats. Estimate distance. Which direction to move to get out of way of oncoming boats.
  • Determine best route to take to avoid traffic.
  • Check for traffic before going across high traffic area and estimate time to get to destination.
  • See obstacles in the water (scuba divers, boats, swimmers, kayaks, paddleboards, obstructions in the water like a log/coconut/other things that would damage the vessel) - and move around them by a safe distance - how determine a safe distance?
  • Important: find tech partner for this. Ability to scale up to work for autonomous platform (city apps)
  • Koen is sending us images to add into presentation

Problem: <text>

Solution: <text>

Timeframe: <text>

Size Constraints: <text>

Target Build Cost: <text>

Prize: Get credited as a Project Contributor for the Ocean Builders Project, <text>

Repository: <text>

License Requirement: Open Source and available for personal or commercial use maintaining the same license for all future code iterations







Does it float?


Can you steer it forward?


Can you steer it backwards?


Can you steer it left/right?


Can it read April Tags?


Can it be programmed to avoid two dimensional areas on a map?


Can it use AI to identify what objects are in the water? (scuba divers, boats, swimmers, kayaks, paddleboards, obstructions in the water like a log/coconut/other things that would damage the vessel)


Can it see vessels that are on a collision course?


Can it move out of the way when it sees something is on a collision course?


Can it return home before it looses its battery power?


Can it return to a docking station to charge its batteries?


Can it show an indicator that it does not have enough power to complete a Mission?


Can it move around obstacles by a safe distance (how determine a safe distance?)


Can it find the pickup and delivery point on the SeaPod even if the SeaPod’s location has moved slight.s


Can it have multiple designated pickup and drop off locations? For example: location for laundry, location for fast food, courier, garbage, recycling, compost


Can it pick up and store up to 3 packages at a time dropping off packages?


Can it connect to the pickup point so it is stable when picking up or dropping off packages?


dropping off packages?

Project video link: 


This project is being developed as an open-source project with the following licensing: