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Preliminary Research: Omer Sebastian Larranaga

Develop an ocean sensor array that can be mounted to SeaPods to collect data and shared with open source platforms.

Basic Sensors Under water:
- Conductivity sensor (salinity)
- pH sensor
- Temperature sensor
- pCO2 sensor
- NĂ­trate sensor
- Dissolved Oxygen

Sensors Above Water
- Air sensor/ Air-Sea interaction
-Barometic sensor
- Relative Humidity and Air temperature
- Sea surface temp
- Longwave radiation
- Shorwave radiation
-Wind speed and direction
- Precipitation

More difficult but possible:
- Heat flux, the movement of energy by two kinds of radiation, shortwave (light) and longwave (heat); plus direct contact between ocean and air (sensible heat); and evaporation or condensation (latent heat).
- Water flux, the balance between evaporation from the sea surface and precipitation back into the ocean.
- Momentum flux, the transfer of energy from the wind physically pushing against the water