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Home Assistant Integration

The Pod Management app is a fork of Home Assistant Companion apps: and

Introduction to how we use Home assistant integration

The Home Assistant Companion apps are part of a software ecosystem that the Home Assistant team is maintaining. Our pods will be running an instance of Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi (actually using, that includes Home Assistant core and some extras). That HA instance is configured for accepting remote connections.

All the hardware is connected to the Raspberry Pi using different physical connections and different protocols. A breakdown of what connections/protocols are used and documentation on the hardware side of things can be found in the Home Automation documentation.

Yaml Configuration files


Here a series of automations can be defined. They are created or modified using HA UI and stored in YAML.

Automations are a set of predefined actions that will happen automatically when a "trigger" happens and if a series of conditions are met.


This the main configuration file for Home Assistant. Contains information needed for all the hardware integrations. Many integrations will work out of the box and many can be added easily by applying integrations that the community have created

Some have to be created specifically for Ocean Builders hardware.


Here we store the passwords needed for several integrations. The passwords could be stored directly in configuration.yaml, but is cleaner and safer to store them in this separated file.