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Project Development and Results

Documenting Results

Document your results based on these parameters. 

Materials/Components Materials used in the concrete mixture
Print materials Print materials used for printing.
Extruders and nozzles Extruder and nozzle sizes and shapes
3D software  Name of the 3D application.
Time to build

Time taken to build the prototype (in Engineering Days - including research and meetings). 

Tip: Use Clockify or any other time management tool.

Time to design an object Time taken to design a sample 3D model.
Time to print the object Time to print the complete 3D object.

Documenting Recommendations

A detailed report of the recommendation must accompany the results. The recommendation must specify the following:

  • Materials used in concrete with exact percentages
  • Types of extruders that each print material should use
  • Design specifications document for the printer build
  • Recommended 3D software to use
  • Precautions to be taken when setting up the 3D printer