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PodHopper eVTOL

Single and two passenger aerial transportation.

PodWatch Lifeguard Rescue

Autonomous drone and computer vision model to detect then prevent drowning around Pods.

PodWatch-2 Subsea Lifeguard ROV

Reefscan ROV

Consumer-grade uderwater ROV drone with 12mpx forward-facing camera for photography, videography, and live streaming.

Remote Data Transmission

Research and potential projects

Rim-Driven Thrusters

Unique thrusters for seamless rotation and movement of Pods.

Robotic Manufacturing

Automating the build and assembly of Pods using robotics.

Sea Governance

Addressing conflict management, policies, and contract management to ensure offshore communities live together harmoniously.

Seafaring Standardization Coding

SeaPod Room By Room Details

We are offering the most basic model as standard for those that want to have the lowest cost of living on the ocean. We will of...


Centralized ocean data portal with a coral seed bank.

Single Print Homes

Smart Desalination

Smart Fridge

Smart Shower

Smart Walls

Plug and play wall attachments for a variety of activities and aesthetics.

Solar Thermal